Here Is Your Chance To Submit For The Next R.I.C.H. Girl!
R.I.C.H. Girl Qualifications:

A future R.I.C.H. Girl consistently treats others and themselves with RESPECT. Their decision-making and interactions, even under stressful circumstances, are honest. They have moral principles, and they have INTEGRITY. They embrace and love their unique self with a good reputation; they have CHARACTER. They do what is right and conduct themselves with HONOR. And their actions are to primarily benefit and be of goodwill to others, to bring value. They have a heart to SERVE.

A future R.I.C.H. Girl displays these qualities when people are looking and not looking.., knowing that God, The Universe, The Creator sees all!

The Rich Girl Nominees Will Be Announced Soon.



Respect | Integrity | Character | Honor | Servant Spirit

Stormy Wellington

Stormy Wellington

At an early age, Stormy got a different perspective on the emotion that would become the driving force of what she desires to be known for………. LOVE! Growing up in foster care, dropping out of high school in the 9th grade, stripping to provide for her family at 13, watching her mom go to prison, becoming a teen mom herself at 15, holding her mom’s hand at death, making millions and losing it all, only to come right back and climb again to the top, proved Stormy to be the embodiment of strength, resilience & determination.

From the moment her eyes open, Stormy is moving in the direction of her goals! Her mission in life is to help women all over the world to become the highest and best version of themselves by knowing themselves, loving themselves, and embracing themselves. In 2017 she birthed Girl Hold My Hand, Inc, an organization designed to accomplish this goal. She believes that when you know who you authentically are and grow in your authenticity, there’s absolutely nothing you can’t do and no one you can’t be.

Ana Cantera

Ana Cantera



Sheila Monique

Sheila Monique, age 36 member of the R.I.C.H Girls is from Linden, New Jersey and now resides in Atlanta. She’s a wife of 6 years and a dog mom of 4. In 2019 Sheila Monique retired from her corporate America lifestyle and is now a successful Network Marketer in the company Total Life Changes. She was able to lose 84 lbs and earn over $500,000 in 4 years.

Sheila has an organization of over 600 people and continues to impact lives daily through fitness, financial freedom and mindset.


Nathalie Nicole

Nathalie Nicole Smith is a beauty and wellness maven who has spent the last seven years building a powerhouse brand that caters to the needs of women mentally, physically, and spiritually. Her philanthropy work includes mentoring and tutoring the local DC youth, running programs that increase awareness about the needs of young people, and partnering with local organizations to improve the quality of life for them. Today, she freelances the country offering wellness, beauty, and business consulting, all while empowering women with knowledge and resources to help them build their lives and businesses.

A graduate of Howard University and a 93.9 WKYS “Top 30 Under 30” honoree, she founded a non-profit organization called Women Who Boss, which advocates for physical, financial, and mental wellness through weekly and monthly activities. She is also the founder of the Plush beauty and wellness brand, which includes Plush Enterprises and PlushRx. A National Director with Total Life Changes, she has received numerous awards as a top earner in the business. The author of the upcoming book, My Network Marketing Success Story & Success is a Lifestyle, Nathalie’s mission is to help 1,000 women become spiritually, emotionally, financially, and physically free. She has been featured in Huffington Post, Bronze Magazine (October 2017), Business For Home, and MLM Nation.


LaQuail Johnson

From Macy’s To Millionaire
When I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree, I thought the world was my oyster! Instead, I found myself years later, in my early 30’s, living paycheck to paycheck, partying to avoid the pain, overweight, and incomplete.  Little did I know, when I moved to Florida for a new start, that I would be colliding with my purpose! 
I embarked on a mission to be my best self.  I made significant moves by dedicating my life to Christ and leaving the party life behind. I gained some success financially but still felt a void. I always wanted to impact lives, but being lazy, afraid, and procrastinating didn’t allow me to walk in my true purpose! 

Then it all changed! I was introduced to some amazing boss women that showed me that I could fly, walk with God, AND change lives as a top leader in the 1000families movement!! I had the honor of becoming a recipient of the highly sought-after 1000families necklace from Coach Stormy herself, featured in Business for Home magazine and on LifeHer podcast for Women’s Month. Most recently, I was voted in by my peers as the newest R.I.C.H. girl (Respect, Integrity, Character, and Honor) at The Awakening. I am now healthier physically, spiritually, and financially.
I have an incredible vehicle that allowed me to retire in my 40s from a retail job at Macy’s and given me the opportunity to travel and impact people all over the world!! 


Tammy Price

“TammyWithTheTea” has a vision of Teaching. Encouraging. Advancing. She is a woman of God, Mother of 3, world-renowned inspirational speaker, Author, Health Coach, Mentor, very talented serial entrepreneur, and visionary of the huge movement Prayer Sacrifice Action! She has been featured in magazines all over the world and participates in statewide ministry endeavors.

Her Finacial success came when she started her own business in Total Life Changes at the worst time in her life, and immediately with hard work, prayer, and determination, she lost a tremendous amount of weight and earned well over multiple 7 figures in income as a rookie in direct sales!

Her “defeat all odds” mentality has allowed her to be a motivator and a major inspiration to people all over the world… She says, “Nothing is impossible to him that believes,” and “You must learn to allow your pain to push you and not pause you!”


Tanya Carter

Tanya Carter was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, and had her first child at the age of 14. She struggled with finding a job to support her and her daughter and quickly realized that she would have to make a decision that was the hardest she had ever made. Tanya temporarily gave her mother custody of her daughter to join the military. She entered the military as an enlisted soldier in 1998 and received a commission into the Warrant Officer Quartermaster Corps in 2007. Tanya retired from the military after serving 22 years. She served five tours to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). and Operation New Dawn (OND) and Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) for the Office of Security Cooperation – Iraq (OSC-I). 
Tanya graduated from Troy University in 2011, earning an Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration. She then graduated from Ashford University in San Diego, California, in 2013, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Social and Criminal Justice. Tanya was Magna Cum Laude, graduating with a 3.88 GPA. Later she graduated from American University in Washington, DC, with an MS in Nutrition Education. 
In 2022 Tanya Carter decided to become a Total Life Changer in her efforts to continue serving people on a larger scale with spirit, body, and mind. She has played a vital element in helping others lose weight, live a healthy lifestyle, and make extra money to support their families. She desires to help 1000 families a year, alongside visionary Coach Stormy Wellington, becoming financially free to 5- 6 figures.  Tanya has a husband, 2 daughters, Jazzmine (30) and Jamayca (24), and 2 granddaughters.